Deep Clean - Heavy Duty Stone & Grout Cleaner

Deep Clean is a NON-ACIDIC highly concentrated Alkaline cleaner safe for use on polished and honed natural stone surfaces. This HIGHLY CONCENTRATED natural stone, tile and grout cleaner has a dilution rate of 9 to 1 – 8X the industry standard.

Designed for safe and effective cleaning of grout, natural stone and tile. WILL NOT HARM all natural stone surfaces – polished and un-polished.

Ideal for residential and commercial applications. Can be used on polished, honed, flamed or tumbled marble, travertine, grout, granite, limestone and all ceramic, porcelain or stone surfaces.

Terrific cleaner for sanded and non-sanded grouts.

Introducing StonePro Deep Clean – Heavy Duty Stone & Grout Cleaner

Your ultimate solution for restoring the natural beauty of your stone surfaces and grout lines. Unleash the power of professional-grade cleaning with our Heavy Duty Stone & Grout Cleaner, meticulously formulated to tackle the toughest stains, grime, and discoloration.

Engineered with precision, StonePro Deep Clean – Heavy Duty Stone & Grout Cleaner is a high-performance cleaner designed to penetrate deep into the pores of stone, effectively lifting away years of accumulated dirt, grease, and stains. Whether you’re dealing with stubborn grout discoloration, deeply ingrained dirt, or the aftermath of a messy spill, our specialized formula is up to the challenge, leaving your surfaces looking revitalized and immaculate.

What sets StonePro Deep Clean – Heavy Duty Stone & Grout Cleaner apart is its versatile application on a wide range of stone surfaces, including granite, marble, travertine, limestone, slate, and more. Experience the transformation as this powerful cleaner effortlessly revitalizes your countertops, floors, and showers, restoring their original brilliance without compromising the integrity of the stone.

Say goodbye to labor-intensive scrubbing and harsh chemicals, as StonePro Deep Clean – Heavy Duty Stone & Grout Cleaner simplifies the cleaning process, making it efficient and environmentally friendly. The advanced formula not only cleans but also helps to inhibit the growth of mold and mildew, ensuring a lasting, pristine appearance for your stone surfaces.

Elevate your cleaning routine with StonePro Deep Clean – the trusted choice for homeowners, professional cleaners, and stone care enthusiasts. Uncover the true potential of your stone surfaces, as they shine with a renewed radiance, thanks to the exceptional cleaning power of StonePro Deep Clean – the Heavy Duty Stone & Grout Cleaner that exceeds expectations.