How to Remove Hard Water Deposits on Natural Stone & Deep Clean Granite Countertops Like a Pro

Hard water deposits also known as hard water stains or mineral deposits, are a common problem on countertops, windows, baths and showers. Remove deposits, soap and grime quickly with StonePro Stone & Glass Scrub.

A unique non-acidic, non toxic compound that safely removes hard water and mineral deposits from stone and glass surfaces.

Stone Scrub combines organic cleaning agents and a very soft abrasive to gently remover hard water deopsits, soap scum and grime from polished stone and glass without harming or scratching the surface.

Excellent for granite countertops, travertine showers, glass shower doors and glass shower enclosures. Will not harm faucets, fixtures or metal framing.

Non-toxic and enviromentally friendly. Free of any scents, perfumes or dyes.

Can be used by hand or with a low speed buffing machine. Watch as we use it with Finishing Touch Ultra Spray and Crystal Clean Daily Stone Cleaner on this granite countertop to give it that final polish shine.