Polish Pro Crystallizer

This unique crystallizer has properties which allow us to achieve a durable crystallization polish with the use of a hogs-hair pad, hogs-hair extreme pad or a white pad. No steelwool required. Will not darken grout lines. Can be used on any 175 3000 RPM machine. Can be used under a hi-speed burnisher. Increases surface density and reflectivity.

  • No steel-wool required
  • Will not darken grout
  • Can be used on any 175 3000 rpm machine
  • Can be used under a hi-speed burnisher
  • Polish 600-1200 sq. ft. per hour
  • Reduce labor costs by eliminating the need to clean-up steel wool fibers
  • Increases surface density and reflectivity

Introducing StonePro Polish Pro Crystallizer

The pinnacle of stone care innovation that transforms ordinary surfaces into extraordinary showcases of brilliance. Elevate your space with a radiant, mirror-like finish that not only captivates the eye but also fortifies and protects your valuable stone surfaces.

Crafted with precision and backed by cutting-edge technology, StonePro Polish Pro Crystallizer is a game-changer in the world of stone maintenance. Unleash the true beauty of your granite, marble, and other natural stone surfaces as this remarkable formula works its magic, enhancing colors and textures while providing an unparalleled luster that lasts.

This advanced crystallizer goes beyond mere aesthetics, boasting a dual-action formula that not only polishes to perfection but also forms a protective shield against daily wear and tear. Say goodbye to dullness, scratches, and stains as StonePro Polish Pro Crystallizer restores and preserves the integrity of your stone surfaces, ensuring they stand the test of time with grace and resilience.

Whether you’re a homeowner looking to revitalize your kitchen countertops or a business owner aiming to make a lasting impression with pristine lobby floors, StonePro Polish Pro Crystallizer is your trusted partner in achieving unmatched brilliance. Easy to apply and boasting long-lasting results, this product is designed for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike, making the journey to stunning stone surfaces accessible to all.

Invest in the extraordinary – choose StonePro Polish Pro Crystallizer and watch as your stone surfaces undergo a mesmerizing transformation, leaving them not just polished, but perfected. Elevate your surroundings, showcase your style, and let the radiance of StonePro Polish Pro Crystallizer speak volumes about your commitment to excellence in stone care.