Stone and Glass Scrub - Hard Water Deposit Remover

Stone Scrub is a unique non-acidic, non-toxic compound that safely removes hard water and mineral deposits from stone and glass surfaces.

Stone Scrub combines organic cleaning agents and a very soft abrasive to gently removes hard water deposits, soap scum and grime from polished stone and glass without harming or scratching the surface.

Excellent for granite countertops, travertine showers, glass shower doors and glass shower enclosures. Will not harm faucets, fixtures or metal framing.

Non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Free of any scents, perfumes or dyes.

Introducing StonePro Stone and Glass Scrub, your ultimate solution for conquering stubborn hard water deposits with unparalleled efficiency. Unleash the power of this advanced formula to restore the brilliance of your stone surfaces and glass fixtures, transforming them from lackluster to lustrous.

Say goodbye to the frustration of unsightly mineral buildup on your countertops, shower doors, and glass surfaces. StonePro Stone and Glass Scrub is meticulously crafted to dissolve and eliminate hard water deposits, mineral stains, and soap scum, leaving behind a crystal-clear, streak-free finish that enhances the natural beauty of your stone and glass.

This cutting-edge formula is not only tough on stubborn stains but also gentle on your surfaces, ensuring that your investments are treated with the care they deserve. The scrub’s non-abrasive composition means you can confidently revitalize your delicate surfaces without worrying about scratches or damage.

With StonePro Stone and Glass Scrub, the application is a breeze.

Effortlessly wipe away the traces of hard water deposits, unveiling the true radiance of your surfaces. Whether it’s your granite countertops, marble floors, or glass shower doors, this hard water deposit remover is a game-changer in the world of surface care.

Step into a world of clarity and brilliance with StonePro Stone and Glass Scrub. Elevate the aesthetics of your living spaces and restore the shine to your surroundings. Unleash the transformative power of this exceptional formula, and let your surfaces gleam with a renewed vibrancy that will leave a lasting impression. Experience the difference – embrace the brilliance!