Wet Poultice

Removes Stains from Natural Stone.

Wet Poultice is a topical poultice that pulls oil and water borne stains out of natural stone surfaces.

Does your granite have unsightly stains from olive oil, butter, frying grease or other staining agents? Remove them easily with Stone Pro Wet Poultice.


Wet Poultice safely removes surface and deep set stains without discoloring the stone surface. Its non-acidic formula will not affect even the most sensitive stone.

This product is ideal for removing oil and grease stains from kitchen countertops.

Ready-to-use paste requires no mixing or measuring.

StonePro Wet Poultice

The ultimate solution for banishing stubborn oil stains from your prized surfaces! Unleash the power of cutting-edge technology with this remarkable oil stain remover, meticulously crafted to revive and rejuvenate your stone surfaces.

Immerse your space in a transformation as StonePro Wet Poultice works its magic, effortlessly lifting and extracting unsightly oil stains with precision and ease. This advanced formula penetrates deep into the pores of your stone, breaking down and absorbing even the toughest oil-based blemishes, ensuring a spotless and flawless finish.

Crafted by experts and trusted by professionals, StonePro Wet Poultice is designed to be user-friendly, making the stain removal process a breeze. Simply apply the poultice to the affected area, let it dwell, and watch as it effortlessly lifts away the stains, leaving your surfaces looking as good as new.

What sets StonePro Wet Poultice apart is its versatility – suitable for use on a wide range of natural stone surfaces, including granite, marble, limestone, travertine, and more. Whether it’s in your kitchen, bathroom, or outdoor spaces, this oil stain remover is the go-to solution for restoring the pristine beauty of your stone.

Experience the confidence of having a stain-free environment with StonePro Wet Poultice – a reliable, efficient, and professional-grade solution that brings out the best in your stone surfaces. Elevate your space and bid farewell to stubborn oil stains with the unparalleled performance of StonePro Wet Poultice – where science meets sophistication.