What is a pH Neutral Cleaner?

What is a pH Neutral Cleaner?

If you’ve had a natural stone countertop or floor installed, you probably asked the contractor or salesperson how you should clean it.  The answer:  use a pH neutral cleaner.  But, what is that and what does that mean?

Let’s take a quick trip back to chemistry class.  Don’t groan, this is a quick trip and you’ll get an A.  The pH scale is used to determine how acidic or alkaline is a particular solution .  The scale ranges from 0 to 14.  If a value is less than pH7 it is acidic.  Subsequently; a value more than pH7 is alkaline.  And the Goldilocks number?  You guessed it “just right” is pH7 right in the middle – classified it as neutral.

So why is a neutral cleaner so important when cleaning natural stone?  Again, simple science.  Some natural stones are sensitive to acid – specifically marble, travertine and any stone treated with resin for bonding or to enhance the color.  This basically covers almost all natural stone surfaces.  So, if you use a cleaner that has a pH value below 7, it may etch or burn the surface leaving it discolored and rough to the touch.   Popular household cleaners are all over the pH scale and for a good reason.   Alkaline solutions are better at cutting through organic material like dirt, grease, proteins, foods like tomato sauce and oils. Acidic cleaners are better for removing inorganic build up like calcium, rust, and other minerals.   Neither is good for stone.

Home remedies like vinegar and lemon have a pH value of +/- 3 and should never be  used on stone that will etch

So now for the test, in order to assure you will not damage your natural stone surface, what should you use for daily cleaning? That’s right!  You are safe every time with a pH neutral cleaner.  Congratulations! You earned an A+.

pH neutral cleaner, Crystal Clean is designed specifically for daily cleaning of stone and will thoroughly clean safely.  It can be used on all natural stone surfaces and any other surface as well.  You can purchase this in a ready-to-use or for a cost effective option, it is available in a concentrate formula and dilute it to match the dirtiness of the job.  Most cleaning can be done at a1:8 ratio.

Neutral Cleaners are ideal for everyday cleaning but when the job calls for the heavy duty cleaning it’s time for Deep Clean.

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