What You Need to Know Before You Buy a Granite Countertop

What You Need to Know Before You Buy a Granite Countertop

If you are considering a granite countertop, you are in good company.  Over 7.2 million granite counters cover the counters across the US.  Why is that?

A 100% granite slab is one of the most durable surfaces available for a kitchen countertop.  It is resistant to acid.  You don’t have to worry about spilling a glass of white wine.  It is resistant to heat.  You won’t need a trivet or hot pad – unless you want one.  You can put that hot pot right on the counter with no worries.  It is repairable.  If for some reason you do damage the surface, natural stone like granite and be restored and most mishaps can be repaired.

BUT Granite is not stain-proof.  Take heart.  Neither is anything else. The good news is you can prevent this in about 15 minutes with the right product.  A sealer that penetrates the surface (often called Impregnating) is needed for natural stone.  This is not a topical product like you would use on wood for a barrier on top of the surface, but one that goes below the surface to prevent the stain from getting in.  In most cases you will not even be able to tell you applied it.  Unfortunately, all sealers are not made equal.

Most sealers – especially in big box stores simply don’t have enough repellant properties to prevent oil stains.  In a kitchen, this is critical.  Cooking oil, bacon, butter, cheese…etc all have oil and can leave unsightly stains.  You also want to be wary of sealers that are only available in 32oz. or less.  These sealers contain high VOCs and are illegal in larger sizes.  Something most people don’t realize until they are back home and open the bottle or can to the toxic smell of high VOCs.

Ultimate Pro Premium NanoSealer is designed for granite and will repel water an oil.  It is low in VOCs and equally important, quick and easy to apply.  Simply saturate the surface evenly with the product, let dwell for 5-10 minutes, insuring that the surface stays wet, wipe the surface dry.  You can begin using the surface again in less than an hour.  What’s even better is you only need to apply it once.  When used in conjunction with cleaning products designed to maintain the sealant properties – Crystal Clean and Finishing Touch Spray your countertop will stay protected for over 20 years.

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