Quartz Countertop Polish System Kit

  1. Texture Reveal – Textured finish after diamond polish
  2. Resin Polish – Removes haze to restore original finish
  3. Final Polish – Polishes to blend with factory finish

Use with:

Lambswool, green and white foam pads.

Product Description

Quartz Countertop Polish System Kit

StonePro Quartz Countertop Polish System Kit is used for surface cleaning and removing minor surface blemishes on the entire quartz countertops. The system includes three different products.

The Quartz Polish System Kit includes three

(1 ea.) 8 oz. bottles of Texture Reveal (Step 1), Resin Polish (Step 2) and Final Polish (Step 3) and 1 Lamswool Pad (Step 1), 1 Green Foam Pad (Step 2) and 1 White Foam Pad (Step 3).

Individual chemical bottles can be purchased individually.

(Application pads not available for individual purchase)

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